Auditing and Accounting
We provide a full range of 
accounting services to all types of companies, close corporations, partnerships and NGO's.
Preparation of financial statements

Reports and advice

Full Attest Function

Special purpose and forensic audits

Extensive audit services to any size entity

Drafting of annual financial statements for Companies limited by Section 90 of the Companies Act.
Monthly Management Accounting
We act as Financial Managers for a full range of clients in every sector, no matter how big or small, including a full reporting function to the owners and incorporating the submission of all statutory returns.
Preparation of monthly management accounts

Various tailor made packages to suit each business

Consulting services to assist your organisation

Full financial management role

Completion and submission of all monthly & annual
statutory returns

Submission of statutory returns

Formation of companies, close corporations and trusts

De-registration of companies, close corporations and trusts

Maintenance of statutory registers and minute books

Annual CIPC returns completed and submitted

All statutory and SARS registrations completed

Statutory and Secretarial
Our staff administer, the secretarial duties of a company with ease. We also facilitate the statutory and SARS regulated regulations.
Completion and submission of tax returns

Completion and submission of provisional tax returns

Consulting on all tax related matters including VAT and
other taxes

Corresponding with SARS with various queries and objections

Tax effective remuneration packages

Our tax department handles the completion, calculations and submission of all tax related returns and facilitating the queries raised
by them.
Budgeting and financial planning

Cash flow forecasting

Business plans

Mergers and acquisitions

Financial and Business Consulting
Formation of local trusts

Assistance with set up of off shore trusts

Executors of estates

Administrators of deceased estates

Trustees for active trusts

This includes a wide variety of additional services, and going the extra mile. This can include cash flows, business plans and even facilitating bond finance for
our clients.
Full outsourced payroll solution

Processing of earnings, and deductions

Preparation of payroll reports and pay register detailing net pay and for each employee

Compiling a detailed payroll pack including pay slips and all reports from VIP
Reconciliation and preparation of PAYE/SDL and UIF returns and submission to SARS

Processing of Tax Year End Recon & Tax Certificate

Registration of the UIF declarations with the Department of Labour

Trusts and Estates
We have been involved in the formation of trusts and acted as trustees of numerous companies. Whether local or off-shore, we can assist with this together with administration of the deceased estates.
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